Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sex Tips from a Southern Belle

Who’s Dixie Belle?

Dixie Belle is our resident sexologist. She knows more about sex than anyone should,

so we’re using her for her mind to help people with their sex questions. Write her at

info@hipleasures.com and maybe you will be lucky enough to get your question


Dixie, I see you are doing a sex column for Sugar Cum. I’m always worried

about feminine hygiene. Besides taking it, what else can I do to make me

tastier to boys and girls.

-Shannon B.

Dear Shannon:

You might want to start with a survey. Yes, a survey. Ask someone who knows you

intimately or previous shag how you taste. Was orally pleasuring you a tasty treat?

Since you like girls, you could go crazy and give yourself a taste, if you’re looking for

an unbiased opinion.

What’s your diet like? Diet and how your body chemisty reacts to what you eat can

make or break you being a good smelling and good tasting girl. Eat lots of vegetables,

fruits (pineapple makes pussy taste sweeter) and whole grains. Garlic, asparagus, and

hardcore spices like curry can affect your sweetness factor. Excess consumption of

dairy and animal products will also do you in. Alkaline-based foods, like meat and fish,

can make you taste bitter.

And while you’re at it, stay away from tobacco and watch your caffeine intake. Make

sure to drink plenty of water to get the bad stuff out of your body and bring you

acid/PH levels down.

Make sure you’re clean down there and always wash up before any sexual adventures.

Use soap and water. Avoid using douches to feel “clean and fresh”.

If you’re doing all these things and still having issues (or smell fishy), you might want

to see if you have BV or something else medically going on down there. Go see your


I’ve been told I taste sweet, like candy. I hope this helps.



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